Remote Terminal

This addon allows the user to

  • open a full-featured bash session on the cluster front end server
  • run interactive scripts

The usage of the addon is simple :

  1. Select one of the pre-coded interactive scripts or the bash command
  2. Select the cluster to run on
  3. Fill the script options (if needed)
  4. Choose a directory to run in (or run in the user home directory)
  5. push the “submission” button in the top right of the window

To stop the script/bash, just push the “submission” button again.


The bash feature is by default, restricted to members of the admin team. Users who are not members of the admin team will need to request permission to their administrator to use the bash tool.

Interactive Scripts

The interactive scripts are by default, usable by the members of the Public team (i.e. all users)

Create Desktop Shortcut button

The right top button allows to create a shortcut on the desktop that will start the Remote Terminal addon.

The Remote terminal addon is opened with the options set when “Create Desktop Shortcut” button was pressed meaning chosen Script, Server, Arguments, Execution directory, and script status (started|stopped).

Clear all value button

The right top button allows to clear all the selected values as Script, Server, Arguments, Execution directory and will stop the current running script if running.

Watch how to start the Remote Terminal

Take a look at this short video to see how you can start the remote terminal tool …

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