Installation of Cluster Manager

Here is the procedure to deploy the Cluster Manager.

This installation works if HPC Gateway is installed in /opt/hpcg by default. If this is not the case, it is required to change (at least) the script HPCGInstaller/packages/sfway/config/, to point to the right script.

  • Open the HPC Gateway installer
  • As ${HPCG_ADMIN} user, run the script ./HPCGInstaller/packages/sfway/config/ with the public IP
  • As root, run the script ./HPCGInstaller/packages/sfway/config/
$ id; pwd
uid=10020(hpcgadmin) gid=10020(hpcgadmin) groups=10020(hpcgadmin)
$ ./HPCGInstaller/packages/sfway/config/  PUBLIC_IP
Deploy /opt/hpcg/external/sfway ...
Configure /opt/hpcg/external/sfway ...
Deploy /opt/hpcg/core/jetty/webapps/cluster-manager ...
Configure /opt/hpcg/core/jetty/webapps/cluster-manager ...

$ su
# id; pwd
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root),491(sfcb)
# ./HPCGInstaller/packages/sfway/config/
Configure /opt/hpcg/external/sfway/server/hpc-cm-sm/etc/server/cdm/hibernate.cfg.xml ...
Configure /etc/init.d/sfy_* ...
$ source /opt/hpcg/core/

$ $HPCG_HOME/core/bin/ -s restart -l jetty -c "restart for cluster manager"

$ $HPCG_HOME/external/sfway/ start
Starting Derby server... Password: 
Starting NED server hpc-cm-ned... Password: 
SynfiniWay NED server with options [-start 3000@]
Starting SynfiniWay server hpc-cm ... Password: 
Starting SynfiniWay server hpc-cm-sm ... Password: 

Once the start is completed, the Cluster Manager is available (by default) from: https://<jetty_server>:8443/cluster-manager/

Username = hpcgcluster
Password = U4663YG6*3&c

It is recommended to change the password at first login.