Detailed Installation Guide

The script to install HPC Gateway is located at the root of the installer and is called In the vast majority of cases, this script is executed with no argument and all installation configuration is using default values. The default configuration is located in HPCGInstaller/config/install.unix.hcs.cfg.

Even though it is not recommended, it is possible to customize the installation. Please note that customized installation can not be supported by Fujitsu because all combinaisons have not been tested. In case of problems during customized installation, you might contact the support staff. Fujitsu will work in best effort mode but can not guarantee a solution nor a quick answer.


# [config_file]
# [key] [config_file]

   key = all | update | python | java | mongo | jetty | cluster
   config_file = path to a config file

By default, the installer performs following steps (see HPCGInstaller/core/installer/shell/

  1. Install python 2.7 + some python packages
  2. Install java
  3. Install mongo
  4. Install jetty
  5. Install dokuwiki
  6. Start mongo
  7. Install torii (HPC Gateway core)
  8. Install one cluster agent
  9. Generate ssh keys and certificate
  10. Configure batch system if found
  11. Create cluster directories
  12. Import default applications
  13. Populate users in DB
  14. Start all servers
  15. Set crontabs
  16. Create /etc/init.d/hpcg
  17. create /etc/profile.d/
  18. create /etc/sudoers.d/hpcgadmin

HPC Gateway installation need a configuration file. If there is no configuration file (typically at first installation), a default one (HPCGInstaller/config/install.unix.hcs.cfg) is used. This configuration file is updated with installation parameters and saved in ${HPCG_REPO}/installer/install.hpcg.cfg. It must be re-used for upgrades. Whenever one need to change some defaults, this file must be modified to make sure that the modifications are available for future upgrades.

Here is the default updated configuration file that is available at the end of the installation in $HPCG_REPO/installer/install.hpcg.cfg.

$ cat $HPCG_REPO/installer/install.hpcg.cfg 
hpcg_mongo_port = 27017
hpcg_mongo_home = /opt/hpcg/external/mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.0.6
hpcg_mongo_host = hcs01
hpcg_mongo_logs = /opt/hpcg/logs/mongo

hpcg_python_home = /opt/hpcg/external/python2.7

jetty_https_redirect = false
hpcg_jetty_port = 8080
hpcg_jetty_https = 8443
jetty_config = https
hpcg_jetty_home = /opt/hpcg/external/jetty-distribution-9.3.2.v20150730
hpcg_jetty_host = hcs01
hpcg_jetty_logs = /opt/hpcg/logs/jetty
hpcg_jetty_base = /opt/hpcg/core/jetty

hpcg_pids = /opt/hpcg/live/pids
hpcg_repo = /opt/hpcg/repo
hpcg_logs = /opt/hpcg/logs
hpcg_admin_logs = /opt/hpcg/logs/admin
hpcg_admin = hpcgadmin
hpcg_home = /opt/hpcg
wiki_prefix = https://hcs01:8443/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=local:

debug = false
list = python, java, mongo, jetty, dokuwiki, torii, cluster.hcs01
list_all = python, java, mongo, jetty, dokuwiki, torii, cluster
mode = silent
init_db = False

cluster_scheduler = dummy
hpcg_cluster_name = hcs01
hpcg_cluster_host = hcs01
hpcg_cluster_logs = /opt/hpcg/logs/clusters
cluster_name = hcs01
cluster_description = Cluster hcs01
cluster_wikiuri = 
cluster_status = ACTIVE
cluster_headnode = hcs01
agent_runlog_dir = /home/hpcgadmin/hpcgateway/runlog
ssh_host = hcs01
ssh_port = 22
ssh_max_connections = 6
agent_account = hpcgadmin
agent_mediators_dir = /opt/hpcg/live/clusters/hcs01/mediators
agent_utilities_dir = /home/hpcgadmin/hpcgateway/utilities

java = jdk-8u60-linux-x64.tar.gz
mongo = mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.0.6.tgz
dokuwiki = dokuwiki-5422200921b877a379e34cc4e0fee22a.tgz
python = Python-2.7.10.tgz
jetty =
torii =
setuptools = setuptools-18.2.tar.gz
requests = kennethreitz-requests-v2.8.1-11-gd290a9b.tar.gz
pymongo = pymongo-3.0.3.tar.gz

hpcg_java_home = /opt/hpcg/external/jdk1.8.0_60

auth_method = ssh
auth_ssh_host = localhost

hpcg_dokuwiki_home = /opt/hpcg/external/dokuwiki

Here is an example of custom configuration file, to change default jetty ports:

$ cat install.hpcg.cfg 
jetty_https_redirect = false
hpcg_jetty_port = 9090
hpcg_jetty_https = 9443