Installation Update Guide

This is the wiki to guide you through the HPC Gateway update process.

HPC Gateway installer is delivered as a tarball like hpcgateway.1.0.00.hcs.full.unix.tgz.
Ask your Fujitsu representative to give you access to the latest HPC Gateway installer.

HPC Gateway is already installed

HPC Gateway is already installed and ${HPCG_HOME} is set (/opt/hpcg by default). The latest configuration file is available in ${HPCG_REPO}/installer/install.hpcg.cfg (by default /opt/hpcg/repo/installer/install.hpcg.cfg).

Update is done by root user

You must execute the update operations as root user.

  1. Login as root
  2. Untar the HPC Gateway package in a directory that is accessible by hpcgadmin user
  3. Go to the newly created directory that contain the HPC Gateway installer scripts
  4. Run with latest configuration file
$ su -
# cd /tmp
# tar xf /tmp/hpcgateway.0.8.12.hcs.full.unix.tgz

# cd hpcgateway.0.8.12.hcs.full.unix

# ls -l
total 20
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 Oct 20 12:14 HPCGInstaller
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  194 Oct 13 21:13 INSTALL.txt
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  735 Oct 23 10:28
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  211 Oct 14 09:36
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  214 Oct 14 09:38

# ./ -c /opt/hpcg/repo/installer/install.hpcg.cfg

... wait for update is complete ...

2015/11/26 21:05:30 - INFO  - If installation is successful, you can:
2015/11/26 21:05:30 - INFO  -  1- source /opt/hpcg/core/etc/
2015/11/26 21:05:30 - INFO  -  2- start HPC Gateway with command
2015/11/26 21:05:30 - INFO  -  3- Connect HPC Gateway web portal on https://hcs01:8443/torii
2015/11/26 21:05:30 - INFO  -        login = hpcgadmin

The HPC Gateway update takes about 1 minute in up to date systems. During update, you can follow detailed messages in /opt/hpcg/logs/admin/hpcg_install.log.

# tail -f /opt/hpcg/logs/admin/hpcg_install.log

At the end of the update, check if there is no ERROR messages. If update is successfully completed, the servers will be up and running, and HPC Gateway is available at https://<IP_of_the_server>:8443/torii

Check the status of HPC Gateway servers by typing:

$ source /opt/hpcg/core/etc/
$ -s status
 => Status  mongo                : running [27850]
 => Status  jetty                : running [22000]
 => Status  php                  : running [21256]
 => Status  cluster.rnd01        : running [24204]

The script to update HPC Gateway is located at the root of the installer and is called In normal operation, this script is executed with one argument, i.e. the path to the latest configuration file. Even though it is not recommended, it is possible to customize the update. Please note that customized installation can not be supported by Fujitsu because all combinations have not been tested. In case of problems during customized installation, you might contact the support staff. Fujitsu will work in best effort mode but can not guarantee a solution nor a quick answer.


# -h

Available options are:

        This help

    -k  install | update | python | java | mongo | jetty | torii | cluster
        Select a key for installation
        When update, -c path_to_config_file is mandatory (-c /opt/hpcg/repo/installer/install.hpcg.cfg)

    -c path_to_config_file
        Path to the config file to read for installation
        This is a mandatory option when update to select the file that has been used during the installation
        Usually, it is located in /opt/hpcg/repo/installer/install.hpcg.cfg

    -ignore_check | -continue
        Continue the installation even if there is a previous installation.
        It is an appropriate option only for a full installation (-k install)

    -install_mode  silent | confirm
        Mode silent is default when -k install

Follow the operations described in installation guide