Job Submitter application

The Job Submitter is a utility to run any user script through the HPC Gateway. It effectively substitutes for the common way of running any script from a shell command line, but with the advantages of monitoring and traceability obtained with the HPC Gateway platform database.

Open the Application Management tool from the start menu list.

The jobsubmitter is by default authorized for your account.

Job Submitter opens a job template window with two parts.

  • Execution environment is for defining the parameters relevent for the system - batch job name, cluster, core count, etc.
  • Application parameters now contains just one input field - a script to be executed. NOTE: This script no longer needs to include any header for the batch resource manager. This will be contructed by the HPC Gateway on submission.

Here is a simple example of a job with a script that list files in a defined directory.

The procedure to run any script is then:

  1. Open Job Submitter.
  2. Complete the Execution environment settings. A given job can be run from an automatic directory, or you can fix the location if there is no change directory within the script.
  3. Add the script into the right-hand pane
  4. Save as a named profile (bottom left of the profile window)
  5. Submit job (bottom right)

The task will now be visible with the Task Monitor tool.

Double-click to open task details. A quick way to check the job script output is to open the standard output from the Jobs section under Execution Details.

Click the left-hand icon to directly open this file in the Gateway Notepad.

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