Release notes for HPC Gateway

Note for version naming convention:

HPC Gateway version consists of 6 digits A.B.C-X.Y.Z

The first 3 digits represent the level of the HPC Gateway packaging, including python, java, mongo, dokuwiki and some command line included in the package. The last 3 digits represent the level of the HPC Gateway core system (named Torii internally).

Release 1.4.0

Release date: 2017/12/01

What's new:

  • VNC viewer addon to open any graphical tool using VNC on the headnode (
  • Custom layout and validation script to build advanced GUI for applications
  • Task center addon to view process maps with task hierarchy
  • Process maps management, shortcuts on process maps
  • Profiles management
  • Search toolbar
  • Process mapper migration to D3
  • Distributed environment management with
  • Removal of environment variables and use of the configuration file
  • Use of a hosts file to allow data transfer configuration ( and
  • Allow inputs/outputs at all steps (not only prolog and epilog)
  • Support of mongo SSL configuration

Release 3.3.3-1.3.0

Release date: 2016/12/06

What's new:

  • Openstack integration (Fujitsu K5 Cloud)
  • Workspace save & restore
  • Script desktop shortcut
  • LSF, OpenLava support
  • Admin dashboard: servers and clusters management
  • GUI to configure run directories
  • Accounting workload manager log aggregation
  • Live Cluster status
  • Open session monitoring
  • MPI process placement tool

Bug fixes:

  • Moving application parameters up and down pops errors
  • Application duplication leads to 2 new application instead of 1
  • Delete Application folder in Application explorer makes the framework unusable
  • User creation has null projects and teams
  • TaskMonitor “status code” and “status message” disapear on refresh/relog
  • Tasks hangs on Pause status
  • HPCG services reporting errors
  • Command line hpcg_submit does not manage Rundir and Accounting code
  • Cannot kill a job
  • Csh not supported
  • Conflicts between Remote Terminal & Remote Vizualization
  • Remote terminal copy/paste not supported
  • Display issue with extended VT100 in Remote Terminal (Vim, top, etc…)

Release 3.3.0-1.2.0

Release date: 2016/07/04

What's new:

  • File explorer extensions: “More” contextual menu available on folder or files providing customizable features. By default available features are: Zip, Unpack file, Open bash, Explore file, Properties.
  • Filters on task monitor: The user can filter the view of the task monitor based on columns (like in excel).
  • Admin Dashboard: mount points and scripts management
  • Rvec Management: Rvec servers management
  • Data Vizualizer: Objects graphical mind map (Beta version)
  • Process Mapper: tasks workflow editor/runner (Beta version)

Release 3.2.4-1.1.2

Release date: 2016/04/13

What's new:

  • File explorer mount points: The file explorer do not expose the “/” anymore, but only some specific mount points (starting from a specific path). Mount points are managed by teams and projects. Default mount points for a user are his home directory and the HPC Gateway run directory. A specific mount point (Root:/) is set for the administrator. Note that currently there is no tool to manage the mount points from the web desktop. It is possible to edit, add, delete mount points using Robomongo tool.
  • Filters on task monitor: The user can filter the view of the task monitor based on columns (like in excel).

Release 3.2.1-1.0.3

Release date: 2016/03/19

This is the first official release available of the new HPC Gateway web desktop interface.

This web desktop interface includes tools like: